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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Goldnugget, More than meets the eye.

It's been i dont know how long since i've posted something. I wanted to get some of my frustration out in the open. I was talking with Mrs. Goldnugget about movies i want to see. Of course, since I'm still 10 at heart and behavior (see previous posts) the first thing I said is that I wanted to watch the Transformers movie (insert noise of autobots made by transformation). Her response was "I haven't been to the theaters in 6 years (pretty sad for both of us huh) and you want me to watch that?"

This prompted the following question: After not going to the theaters in 6 years what is a movie worth watching? Your thoughts are welcomed.

In the end I will see Transformers with a friend of mine. You might even see me wearing my optimus prime costume. Childish you say? I think not. Just look at the picture. ENOUGH SAID.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Supermarket Blunder

Since coming to America (pun intended) I haven't had many jobs. I was a paper delivery boy, worked at a grocery store, sports apparel store and as you know UPS and now as an attorney. Can you see the development in my years towards adulthood? Hahahaha, yeah right.

A memory from one of those jobs comes to mind. When I was working at the grocery store I worked in all the different departments, that's right, Jack of all traits, master of none. When I was working in the dairy department, outside of the door we used to stack all the plastic crates where the milk was shipped. At times that stack could go 8 rows deep and about 10-15 stacked in each row. Needless to say if you bumped into one, all would fall.

Anyway, my friends and I used to play this stupid game. When one of us was on the speaker saying "clean up in isle..., or customer needs assistance on isle..." Some one else would come from behind and punch you in the stomach. And those of you who have been punched in the stomach you tend to make this funny sound "huuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh." So from time to time instead of hearing "customer needs assistance on isle 8," you would hear "customer needs asshhhhhhhhuhhhhhhhhhhhhh." This used to piss the managers off a lot, but it was funny and we never stopped.

The funniest instance of this childish behavior came when one of my friends was about to talk on the speaker. I was hiding behind the doors inside the milk cooler stacking milk. He didn't see me and proceeded to make the announcement. As he is about to talk I get right behind the door. He begins with "Could I have a manager..." As he's saying this, I jump out and punch him hard in the stomach. So he's announcement was "Could I have a manager in ishhhhhhhuhhhhh."

The funny part is that I punched him so hard that he slipped back a bit. His foot slid on water, he falls back on all the stacked milk crates. You hear on the loud speaker all the crates falling. Once the noise stops from the crates you can hear my friends voice saying, as he's holding his stomach bent over "Oh Shit."

In order for my buddy not to get in trouble I do the honorable thing stand next to him laughing and I hung up the phone so the whole store won't hear the rest. A supervisor goes by him and asks him what happened and he says "I was making the call when Nugget can jogging around to help a customer and he accidentally bumped into me and that's when I fell."

Soon after this the managers didn't find our game funny and told us that if we continued that, that some one would get fired. After that no one did it anymore. So we would just go to the top of the isle's hide there and eat chips and drink Yoohoo. Those were the days

Friday, March 31, 2006

Awarding a medal for flag burning?

A lot has been going on in the Hispanic community. As some of you may know Hispanics are trying to show solidarity by doing walk outs. There was a huge walk out in Milwaukee (although not present friends told me it was a very moving day for some) to demonstrate the recent events in legislation as to what to do with illegal immigrants. My stance is to let them stay, most of the work they have and do are things that the average person may not want to do, but they do it anyway out of necessity, they don't get shit and on top of that people complain when they're getting paid $1.50 an hour.

Anyway, in addition to walk outs there are a couple of movies regarding the Hispanic community. One is called "a day without a Mexican" and the other is "walk out." Good movies, I recommend them, I digress.

Apparently in Arizona some kid lowered the American flag and put the Mexican flag up. Then some white kids took the Mexican flag down and burned it. Then fighting words were said and we have ourselves a hoe-down.

So who should get the medal? Should it be the kid that put the Mexican flag up or the kid that burned the Mexican flag?

The people of the Apache tribe that didn't run there, or gallop there to put their flag.
You shouldn't just waive your hand you should have your flag in your hand.

You didn't see this one coming did you? This girl should get it, or anyone affiliated with the Apache tribe. After all the name of the highschool is Apache Junction High School. This high school is most likely in what used to be Apache territory.
Let's face it people no one got it worse than the American Indians and no one gives them respect. I'm a proud his panic, but the flag post should be for the people who's land was taken. Sure, you can argue that at one point that part of the land belonged to Mexico. You gives a shit, they probably took it from the Apache first, then the Americans took over that part and then subjected them to the pain and agony no one wants to talk about.

So I say to you Mr. Apache guy holding the flag, shame on you for not getting there first and claiming what is rightfully yours. Please accept my medal.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Undecided recipient of Fool gold's Medal

This is a story that is funny and sad at the same time. This story is about cows, police, and illegal immigrants, if that's not the beginning to a joke I don't know what is.

It seems like you can start a lot of jokes with "in a town in Texas..."

Read the story, as I can't summarize it for you, it's just to funny to comprehend.

So now comes to debate as to who to give the medal too.
1. It could be to the driver of the truck for not closing the door right and letting the cows fly (can't you picture cows flying like in the movie Twister?)
2. It could be to the police for not controlling the situation and on top of that for one of them to almost get run over.
3. Finally, we could give it to the dead cow, why not because of it's death someone is gonna have nice steaks and hamburgers for dinner.

I'll let you decide.

My pick is the cow though.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Cheaters never win

Since March madness has started this is an appropriate time to tell the story about a failed scam at basketball pool.

About a year ago my friend and I entered into a pool to try to get some money from the basketball tournament. It started very innocent. I paid the money, my friend paid the money and we were given the brackets to make our picks. In comes the devious mind of my friend, we shall call him Myer Lanski (after the notorious Jewish Mafia member from the 30's).
Myer comes up to me and says the following:
"looky here see, I got a in on the pool and we should make a move before others notice."

Ok it wasn't exactly like that but you get the point. He devices this plan in hopes the it would work. His plan was as follows:
1. He will make his picks, mainly choosing the favorites.
2. I will make my picks along the same lines but choosing the possible upsets.
Check. And this is when then plan begins.
3. Once we made the first picks then we decide that whatever he picks I would pick the opposite. Brilliant right? Not really. First the odds that he would pick the right teams and I would pick the right teams are astronomical. Then the odds that what ever he doesn't pick I would and for that to work is nonsensical. But, at the time it seemed like a great idea.

The point of the whole thing was that there was a possibility that the favorite could win, which is what he chose. The other possibility was that an underdog could win it all, which was what I chose.

The tournament begins Myer is licking his chops already sensing victory from our devious plan. I'm already spending the money.

The tournament gets to the Sweet 16. Myer is already out with his picks, but surprisingly (not at the time because our plan was so good and so were my choices, at least that's what I thought) I'm still in. I am in second place and I'm already devising the plan for next year.

Then it's the Elite 8. Ouch. Things are starting to look bad, I'm now in 3 place in points, but I can still win it.

Final 4. WHY DID I LISTEN TO MYER, I'm out of the running and now have fallen to 4th place and no chance in winning any money. Unbeknownst to Myer, I kept a separate sheet of the picks I would've made had I not entered into this devious and ridiculous plan. Had I stayed with my original picks I would've finished a respectable 2nd and an easy $80 in my pocket. Instead I sat in my chair in disgust being $5 in the negative. Thanks Myer.

The Gold Nugget of the day is:
1. Never go to business with Myer Lanski.
2. Listen to what ESPN has to say not Myer Lanski.

Since I've been talking about Myer I think I will end this story with an anecdote.
Going into business with Myer Lanski is like driving a Kia. His services are cheap but he is unreliable and in the end costs you more than what you bought it for.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Time for another award

Friday is finally here and the award goes I give the award to this wonderful site for two reasons, and both for making headlines.
1. As some of you may know, got publicity from some guys who made a video about the site. I personally didn't care for the movie (mainly because I wasn't in it) but others seemed to enjoy it. So far so good for

Now the not so good publicity

2. Some middleschool kid posted death threats and antisemetic comments on his post on YES is did say middle school. I remember my middle school days. There were threats to beat someone up, there were fights, and there was even one girl that got pregnant in my middle school. I have to admit I was torn as to who to give the medal to. I thought the kid at first because of how stupid to post stuff like that for all to see, and you know there's some rat kid ready to tell the whole world about that. So I was really contemplating giving him the medal for being stupid and being a racist little bastard (am I badmouthing a middle school kid? wow that's sad, but he does deserve it). Quick side note, I wonder what his parents are like, do they share his same views, and if so then they should be the ones getting the medal.
ultimately I chose just because of the publicity they're getting, including the bad.

Congratulations Tom ( for the publicity, please accept this medal as a token of my appreciation to your site.

Here is the presenter with your medals.

Friday, February 24, 2006

My Medal goes to...

Who is this might you ask? Well, this girl went on Oprah's show and talked about having unprotected sex with over 90 guys. Click here to get the "dirty" on this chick.
She gets the medal for two reasons.
1. For making a fool of herself on national television.
2. For not going into the porn business and making money while doing this, per my research she lost out on about $200,000 (and this is with a low quality production company).

Enjoy the medal Jennifer. Not that way Jennifer. No. Wait. It goes around your neck. Now you got it.